Tower of Fantasy Cheats Guide

We have played it and we bring you some Tower of Fantasy Cheats, the game that is killing it this summer. An MMORPG title developed by Hotta Studio y Level Infinite, that draws attention for its surprising aesthetics, similar to Genshin Impact, but with a clear multiplayer focus.

Maps Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is completely free for Android and iOS, in addition to being also available for computers. Its mechanics focus on opening chests, exploration, and fighting between enemies scattered throughout an immersive adventure.

Barely a week away from its global release, we want to present you with the best tips to jump right in and improve your games. A guide dedicated especially to players who are new to this fantasy world. Keep reading.

Requirements to play Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy
tower of fantasy
Developer: Infinite Level
Price: Free
‎Tower of Fantasy
‎Tower of Fantasy
Developer: Infinite Level
Price: Free+

The download is free, however, you have to meet certain minimum requirements for it to work properly. Download it on PC from the Tower of Fantasy official website, while on Android and iOS you can download it from their respective virtual stores. Very soon it will also come to Epic Games Store and the steam store.

DeviceMinimum requirementsRecommended Requirements
Computer7-bit Windows 64.
Intel Core i5 or better.
8 GB of RAM.
NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 graphics.
DirectX: Version 11.
25 GB of storage.
10-bit Windows 64.
Intel Core i7 or better.
16 GB of RAM.
NVIDIA GeForce GT 1060 graphics.
DirectX: Version 12.
30 GB of storage.
AndroidSystem: Android 7.
Processors: Kirin 710.
Snapdragon 660.
RAM: 4 GB.
System Android 12.
Processors: Kirin 980/985/990/9000.
Snapdragon 855/865/870/888.
Dimension 800/1000.
RAM: 6 GB.
iOSiPhone 8 or higher.
iPad Air 2nd Generation.
iPhone 12 or higher.
iPad Air 4th generation.
iPad Pro 3rd generation or higher.

open world elements

Although the tutorial explains initial elements to start your adventure, the truth is that in the open world of Tower of Fantasy there are certain niceties involved. Here are some essential tips to recognize that will be really important throughout the journey. Each with their own particularities.

  • collect resources like plants, fish, materials directly in the world or loot them from monsters. These items are used for cooking, which allows you to restore your health, and can help you upgrade your weapons.
  • You can scale without wasting energy. To do this you must have climbed a small section, then let go and quickly perform the double jump. You hold onto the wall again and repeat the process indefinitely.
  • Your first "contraption» will be the necessary Jetpack if you want to float in the air. As the adventure progresses, you unlock other fundamental relics, be it the water surfing board or cliff destroying missiles. The fire bow is very useful if you want to shoot enemies, but it also works to unlock some of the puzzles on the map, so you should keep it.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of frames to scroll very quickly across the vast map. Your first specific vehicle will be Falcon, the famous motorcycle from the poster, which is unlocked after the first few hours of play by completing the main mission CH.1.
  • open the different hidden chests in the world. They are symbolized within the minimap, but are also indicated when you get close and some can respawn.
  • Find all teleportation points available, see that there are many in the open world. When activated they grant certain rewards and allow you to move along different points on the map very quickly.
  • The ruins and dungeons they generate a lot of experience points, as well as offer rare chests and rewards. You shouldn't overlook the Training centers, which come to be the tutorials, since in addition to explaining the basic aspects of the game, they also serve to generate some rewards.

The Tower of Fantasy Map It will be a very useful tool. to find all kinds of objects and chests, which are reflected by some symbols. You can take a look if you want to know the exact location of most of the items, but keep in mind that the rewards from Puzzles sometimes require certain interactions.

Shop, Coins and Medals

Through the Tower of Fantasy store, the different materials and all the currencies that will allow you to access the game content will be available. Like any porridge, Tower of Fantasy has resources with a certain rarity that could be crucial in your adventure. Beyond the collectibles that you can acquire throughout your adventure, these are the main currencies in the game:

  • Nuclei: It is the main currency of the game, necessary to be able to summon weapons and characters in the gachas. They are stones differentiated into 3 types of Nuclei: golden, black and red. Here we tell you how to acquire each one.
  • Quartz and Titanium: Elements that allow you to purchase items in the store.
  • Prototype Chip: It is obtained by repeated chips from the gacha and allows you to improve weapons.
  • dark crystals: A rare currency to acquire cores.
  • Gold: The world currency that will allow you to upgrade weapons and purchase items in the shop.
  • Black gold: a variant of gold with better value, to improve weapons.
  • Energy: the equivalent of resin Genshin Impact. It is used to pass dungeons and recharges over time.
  • Merit Medal: It has its own section in the store and its items are obtained through guild activities.
  • Training Medal: Obtained by completing the first minigames in the open world.
  • Impulse Medal: Allows you to purchase various items, including gold and purple cores.
  • Achievement Medal: You get it by completing the achievements.

Servers restart at dawn

In Tower of Fantasy there is a progression limit per day that you can only complete before stopping your progression. For example, from the first day you can go up to level 18, while from the second day you only go up to level 24. In that case, you will have to be patient and wait for the daily reset to take effect.

The restart time for your servers is 5 AM EDT, which is equal to 11 AM in Spain. After this time, all login bonuses and daily rewards are available again. Any daily items are reset after that time.

level up adventure

After clearing the early stages, after level 20, things start to get complicated in Tower of Fantasy. The best you can do is farm experience and level up before you get stuck. The easiest way to achieve this is to explore without delay and battle a lot.

There are plenty of enemies and these are the bosses you are going to face:

  • Robarg (level 22).
  • Apophis (level 30).
  • Ice Robot (level 35).
  • Sobek (level 40).
  • Lucia (level 40).
  • Barbarossa (level 50).
  • Interdimensional Dragon (level 70).

In general, the higher the adventure level, the faster you can progress through the story and thus unlock new events or challenges. Even so, you will be tied to the limits imposed by the title itself to progress at the same rate as the others.

Fly longer with the booster

Fly in Tower of Fantasy

Honestly, moving around in an open world as big as Tower of Fantasy can get repetitive and even boring. For this, there are relics such as the thruster, which allows you to explore while flying. Although it cannot be used indefinitely, with this cheat you will be able to fly for much longer.

  • Equip the booster.
  • Sets the heading towards a specific direction.
  • Perform the Dodge action while flying.
  • Activate the thruster before falling into the void.
  • Repeat the mechanics until you reach your destination.
  • You can even change course if you see it necessary.

This little Tower of Fantasy cheat will allow you to fly faster and indefinitely, without being limited by the stamina bar.

gacha performance

El tower of fantasy gacha, it can be complex and confusing for new players. It is based on the Gachapon and the Shop, which allow you to obtain characters, weapons, materials, and more using in-game currencies.

Gacha, Tower of Fantasy

This system works by rolls, where from time to time a specific character, weapon or item is secured, although you are not always lucky enough to get exactly the one you are looking for. There are 2 types of gacha available.

  • Permanent gachapon: It has 3 different banners that are available at all times, destined to x1 character, x1 materials and x1 of better chips for weapons.
  • Limited Gachapon: This brings a series of banners that rotate in a short time and usually offer more powerful characters or matrices.

To access the gachas, you will have to farm a lot or pay to get the special coins. These are the ones you need:

  • golden core: for the permanent banner of characters.
  • purple core: for the permanent banner of materials.
  • Red Core: for the limited character banner.
  • golden ticket: for the permanent matrix banner
  • Special Ticket: for the matrix limited banner.

cross progression

This title has the function of Cross-play available for mobiles and computers. So you can play multiplayer with friends, from any platform. You can even save your progress, whether on Android, iOS or PC, and continue right from your last starting point. Everything, without losing your progress.

For cross save, you will need to create an account from any platform. This account can be associated with your social networks, your email or with other login methods. Note that iOS doesn't support Google account sign-in and Android doesn't support Apple ID sign-in.

All purchases and all account progress is automatically synced for the next time you sign in on another device. Of course, remember that crossplay only works for players who are on the same server and region.

You don't have to pay, but you have the option

Tower of Fantasy is not a Pay To win like many others. However, the truth is that you can progress faster if you invest real money. You will even be able to acquire rare characters, without wasting time farming cores and materials.

On the other hand, the vitality system that Tower of Fantasy uses will affect your progression. To be limited to a number of shares per day, You will not be able to participate in activities. Although you can always wait for the vitality to recharge, you also have the alternative of paying to replenish it instantly. In the end, it is a personal decision.

These are all the Tower of Fantasy cheats that you should keep in mind to start and progress on your adventure. Of course, there are hundreds of additional things to do, so don't miss our following guides from Frontal Gamer.

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