Best Nebula decks to always win at Marvel Snap

With the latest season pass, The Guardians Greatest Hits, Marvel Snap was able to bring in the missing team member. The arrival of Nebula changes the rules of the current meta and becomes one of the best 1 cost cards to consider. Here are 3 Nebula decks to win at Marvel Snap.

Best Nebula Decks for Marvel Snap

Despite the fact that other cards such as Howard the Duck or the High Evolutionary arrived over the weeks, the star card of the season is Nebula. It is one of the unique cards in the game, capable of benefiting from various synergies.

How to get Nebula in Marvel Snap

Nebula, the daughter of Thanos who is now an important ally to the Guardians, becomes part of the Marvel Snap meta. During the month of May, until June 5, you can obtain paying the season pass. The pass costs 10,99 euros, or 16,99 euros if you buy the premium to advance 10 season levels.

After that time, you can only get it from the collector's shop. This letter will be added to Series 5, being able to unlock it with 6.000 chips in the store. Or, if you're lucky, you'll find it in the Collector's Reserve as you level up your collection.

Nebula's abilities and power

This card has Cost 1 and Power 1, with an effect that reads: Each turn your opponent doesn't play a card here, +2 power (except the turn you play that card). Although low cost, its ability lends itself to confusing your opponent and blocking locations or preventing them from adding cards in other locations.

Nebula effect on Marvel Snap

To give you an idea, if you play Nebula on turn one and your opponent decides to lose that location, by turn 6 they will have accumulated up to 11 power points on their own. Even if the opponent decides to play, at least once you will be able to get 3 full power points.

Of course, the card can be countered with Electra or Killmonger, so it is always good to take advantage of a card like Armor to protect it.

Best Nebula decks for Marvel Snap

Nebula leads us to want to play it from turn 1, to take advantage of its effect in as many turns as possible. With the notions of their abilities already in place, we will introduce you to what, for us, are some of the best Nebula decks in Marvel Snap.

Control Deck

Nebula Control Deck
  • Cards: Nebula, Titania, Daredevil, Goose, Armor, Mysterio, Green Goblin, Polaris, Storm, Spider Man, Professor X, Doctor Doom.

    The first deck focuses on a Control deck, centered around Nebula. Your objective is to block the location where you play Nebula, so that it continues to score points until the end of the game. At the same time, you have to take advantage of cards like Daredevil to anticipate the play on turn 5 or Doctor Doom, to fill remaining slots.

    Junk Deck

    • Cards: The Hood, Nebula, Titania, Mojo, Armor, Viper, Green Goblin, Debrii, Shang Chi, Enchantress, Spider Woman, Doctor Doom.

    The intent of this Nebula deck for Marvel Snap is to fill both locations with cards that put your opponent at a disadvantage. It is a more aggressive type of deck, although it is supported by low cost cards, looking to fill slots quickly and take advantage of Nebula's effect as a buff.

    Guardians of the Galaxy Deck

    • Cards: Bast, Nebula, Rocket, Armor, Star Lord, Cosmo, Groot, Storm, Drax, Jessica Jones, Gamora, Professor X.

    Nebula has clear synergies with the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and this deck is perfect for taking full advantage of them. One of the first cards you should play is Bast, in order to power up your low cost cards. The next thing is simply to go filling locations and buffing the cards, especially if you play it in the same location as Nebula. Also, you keep location controllers as a last resort.

    These are just some of the best Nebula decks for Marvel Snap. The truth is that you will have to play a lot to guess where your opponent will place the next card, so if you control the locations, with Nebula as a booster, you will have guaranteed victory. If you have another recommendation, leave us your comment.

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