My favorite Marvel Snap decks to win every game

Marvel Snap is a solid game, very addictive. With fast mechanics and the option to bet Snap or fold, they can add a lot of tension in each game. The best way to win and advance is to learn to Put together the best Marvel Snap decks. But it is not an easy task even for the most experienced.

Best Marvel Snap Decks All Classes

However, since Frontal Gamer we want to help you win, no matter if you are a beginner or already at the highest levels. Here we present 5 decks that we use to achieve victory in all our games.

Is one deck for each type (Continuous, On Reveal, Discard, Destroy, and Move), which has allowed us to advance levels very quickly. Let's go see them.

Best Marvel Snap Decks By Class

Before we begin, we remind you that in Marvel Snap there are 6 kinds of cards and are classified according to the type of skill. We have the following classes:

  • Without effect: cards that do not charge abilities.
  • when revealed: Its ability is activated only when it is summoned for the first time.
  • Continuous: retains its ability throughout the game.
  • Discard: Used to discard cards from your hand or deck.
  • To destroy: Your ability destroys one or more cards in any of the locations.
  • MOVER: Moves or causes other cards to move between locations.

The decks that we put together in all this time are based on each archetype, less on cards with no abilities. At this time, the High Evolutionary decks they are your best opportunity to profit from those types of cards.

Also here we do not take into account pool specific. While most of the decks we recommend are from Pool 3, there will be combinations that work with cards from Pool 4 and 5. If you're looking for something more specific, check out our guide to decks. best Marvel Snap decks for each Pool.

With all that said, we present to you our winning combinations.

Deck When Revealed

Best Deck When Revealed Marvel Snap

Cards: Rocket, Medusa, Okoye, Scorpion, Morph, Wolfsbane, Shang Chi, Enchantress, White Queen, White Tiger, Aero, Odin.

Strategy: This is one of the best Marvel Snap decks that relies on Revealing effects. here you have one variety of starting plays with 2 or 3 cost card. You can boost your deck with Okoye, draw opponent's cards with Morph and White Queen, protect locations with White Tiger and Aero.

For the last turn, you can guard with Shang Chi against cards like Devil Dinosaur, or repeat strategies with Odin. Also I know complements many other cards from the current meta, since most of them have very interesting Reveal effects, such as Cosmo, Jubilee or Spider Woman.

Continuous Deck

Best Continuing Deck Marvel Snap

Cards: Kitty Pryde, Ant-Man, Agent 13, Colossus, Lizard, Captain America, Jubilee, Warpath, Blue Marvel, Professor X, Spectrum, Onslaught.

Strategy: To get to that Continuum deck, we went through a process of trial and error. It is not very difficult to put together, and personally it is one one of the easiest to follow in terms of strategy. In the first turns you can play any of the cards with their respective continuous effects until you secure at least 2 locations.

Kitty Pryde and Agent 13 are support cards that can tank or be disposable. With Professor X, you will secure any of the locations you are winning. Final turns are decided by 3 cards: Blue Marvel, Spectrum, and Onslaught. Be sure to build your strategy on them, to achieve victory.

Discard Deck

Best Draw Deck Marvel Snap

Cards: Kitty pryde, Blade, Morbius, Wolverine, Swarm, Collen Wing, Lady Sif, Sword Master, Ghost Rider, Shang Chi, Strong Guy, MODOK.

Strategy: This Marvel Snap deck is a beast, and one that has seen me gain up to 10 ranks in less than a week. Keep in mind that unlike the destroyer deck, the discard from hand is worth more here. The deck is made precisely to limit you to playing the necessary cards, so that you will be less protected.

You have to adapt your strategy to sacrifice replaceable cards like Swarm, Wolverine or Kitty Pryde. If you ever discard an important card, you have a chance to return it to Ghost Rider. You must tank Morbius and Strong Guy for the last few turns, and Modok will be indispensable for this.

Destroyer Deck

Best Marvel Snap Destroyer Deck

Cards: Deadpool, Nova, Yondu, Bucky Barnes, carnage, Wolverine, Killmonger, Sabretooth, Deatlok, Shang Chi, Armin Zola, Death.

Strategy: It is a genius, with cards that you can adapt from pool 3, supported by alternatives such as Devil Dinosaur. This deck focuses on destroying as many cards as possible, to take out Death with low energy. Deadpool is the card you are going to tank, and you can help with Killmonger to weaken the enemy.

All the cards chosen for this deck rely on a destructive and instant effect. Be careful leaving your locations unprotected, although the combination of Death and Armin Zola in the last turns is perfect to boost at least 2 locations unexpectedly. Use them wisely.

Deck Movement

Cards: Iron Fist, Nightcrawler, Kraven, Multiple Man, Cloak, Doctor Strange, Vulture, Polaris, Captain Marvel, Vision, Heimdall, Magneto.

Strategy: We end with what, personally, is one of the most complex Marvel Snap decks to follow, but it is not less interesting for that. This is the deck focused entirely on empowering cards like Kraven and Vulture with movement.

Multiple Man and Vision are also tankable cards, you can even swap Forge for Human Torch and you'll get better results. Of course, remember that each movement affects the cards in a different way, and Heimdall will be your final surprise play of the last turn. The location you fill in will not always be your final location.

What do you think of our recommendations? Of course, there's never a rule set in stone, and the number of decks you can build in Marvel Snap is ridiculously absurd. I'm sure you'll have some better decks or even if you have any questions, feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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