Best Ghost Decks at Marvel Snap

Ghost has been one of the newest additions to Marvel Snap, and a interesting character from pool 3. However, it's not for everyone, as it's not as versatile a card as Kang or Modok have been. Still, we've got some Ghost decks for Marvel Snap that will make you win.

Best Ghost Decks for Marvel Snap

Remember that these combinations to make the best Marvel Snap decks follow certain criteria. but many times It will also depend on your locations., the appropriate strategies and the way of attacking your opponent. In general, there is no single winning key, so if you have any suggestions, please leave us a comment.

5 Ghost Decks for Marvel Snap

Ghost's Ongoing ability consists of the following: Your cards are always revealed lastsystem. (His On Reveal abilities happen last). Also, it only has a cost of 1 and a power of 2. These are the decks with the best synergy.

Reaction Deck

Cards: Sunspot, Ghost, Iceman, Scorpion, Daredevil, Armor, Killmonger, Cosmo, Shang Chi, Enchantress, Professor X, Gamora.

The idea of ​​this deck, and of using the Ghost card in general, is to take advantage of reaction plays. Those where it is convenient for you that the opponent plays first and you can counter. You have options here like Shang Chi and Enchantress, which could hurt your opponent's play for sure. It's also perfect for playing any of the Guardians of the Galaxy, especially if you have Gamora.


Cards: Hood, Squirrel Girl, Ghost, M'Baku, Titania, Maria Hill, Mysterio, Mystique, Bishop, Kazar, Blue Marvel, Sera.

This is a classic deck that benefits from low cost cards, which should be played second. The strong point is KaZaar and the objective is precisely to buff the 1 cost cards and block the locations. However, you are in great danger of being able to counter your play with a card like Killmonger.


Cards: Iceman, Ghost, Nightcrawler, Goose, Mister Sinister, Scorpion, Cerebro, Mystique, Brood, Storm, Iron Man, Blue Marvel.

There is not much science here. This Ghost deck for Marvel Snap focuses on Cerebro and Mystique to counter cards like Enchantress. He can make a difference before the final turn, being able to buff locations with the help of Iron Man or Blue Marvel. A riskier variant of that Ghost deck is to incorporate Onslaught to boost them.


Cards: Kitty Pryde, Ghost, Titania, Zabu, Lizard, Polaris, Spiderman, Absorbing Man, Enchantress, Shang Chi, Shuri, Sera.

This deck is made just for location control, using Zabu and Ghost as a base. Cards like Titania and Polaris are perfect for saving locations between turns. While the combo between SHuri with any other card, added to Absorbing Man, will allow you to quickly boost the location.

High Evolutionary

Cards: Wasp, Sunspot, Nebula, Ghost, Misty Night, Armor, Storm, Cyclops, Thing, High Evolutionary, Abomination, Hulk.

We end with a variant of deck of the High Evolutionary, which takes advantage of Ghost. Here the play is simple, reduce the power of enemy cards and power up Abomination and Hulk. This deck admits variants like Blue Marvel or Spectrum, to give power to all your cards, especially those with the Reveal effect. But playing cards that had no effects will always be more interesting.

These are all the Ghost decks in Marvel Snap, that maybe they're really worth your time. Of course, there are many variants to consider, especially with other cards from Pool 4 and Pool 5. Even cards from Pool 1 and 2, can be decisive (looks at Devil Dinosaur). So if you have questions or advice, leave us your comment.

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