Best Living Court Decks in Marvel Snap: Is it worth buying?

The Living Court or Living Court, is the new acquisition of Marvel Snap. He is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, and now you can add him to your strategy. On the occasion of his arrival at the title, we tell you who he is, his effect, how to acquire it and the best living court decks at marvel snap.

This is the last letter of the season of may, which is quite curious and shows great potential to build varied decks. It is certainly one of the most interesting, along with that of the High Evolutionary y Nebula by Marvel Snap.

Who is the Living Tribunal in Marvel?

In Marvel comics, this is one of the most important and powerful entities in the entire universe, having a presence even in its multiverse. Created by Stan Lee, Marie Severin and Herb Trimpe, this cosmic entity always has served as a protector and judge of the multiverse. Second in power only to Eternity.

Living Tribunal in Marvel Comics

He debuted in Strange Tales Vol. 1 #157 USA (1967), where he forced Doctor Strange to prove that the Earth deserved to be saved from its imminent destruction. Being above all and having no will of his own, the Living Tribunal is capable of doing what is necessary to maintain balance. Even if it means destroying an entire universe.

In general, he has had few appearances among Marvel comics; although one of his most emblematic appearances served as a prelude to the Secret War, after being killed by the race of Beyonders. In addition, she had a brief cameo in the last film of Doctor Strange, Multiverse of Madness.

Living Court in Dr Strange

How to get the Living Tribunal in Marvel Snap

The Living Tribunal arrives to balance your games in Marvel Snap, with one of the most broken effects. With 6 energy and 6 power, its effect is as follows: Continuous – Divide all of your total power, evenly between each location.

Like the rest of the Season cards, the Living Tribunal is available from the Collector's Shop. All this week you can find it as a featured card, which you cannot save. Debuting as part of series 5, you can buy it for 6.000 collector tokens from May 29 to June 5.

If you're a little lucky, you'll also be able to get it between the Reserve and the Collector's Chests, with an appearance rate of 0,25%. In any case, you cannot buy it with real money. If you wait a few months for it to drop to Pool 4 and then Pool 3, you'll have a better chance of getting this card.

3 Top Decks to play with the Living Court in Marvel Snap

The effect of the Living Tribunal, and its high energy cost, places it as a card that must be played last turn. In such a case, it will add up the combined power of the 3 locations and distribute it equally. this can help to finish gaining locations which are missing a few points.

To put together the best Living Court decks in Marvel Snap, it is very important to have those cards that can maximize the power of locations. Here we show you 3 decks so you can start including the Living Tribunal among your next strategies so that you can guarantee victory.


Cards: Bast, Zabu, Iron Heart, Mystique, Wolfsbane, Brood, Silver Surfer, Mr Negative, Jubilee, Wong, Iron Man, The Living Tribunal.

This is a deck that you'll buff quickly, with cards that grant more power, as well as allow you to play faster. Well, trade Silver Surfer for more powerful variants like Black Panther and Devil Dinosaur. Or stick with accessible cards like Iron Heart and Okoye. Wong will be crucial.


Cards: Sunspot, Ebony Maw, Angela, Psylock, Electro, Wave, Jubilee, Iron Man, Magik, Klaw, The Living Tribunal, Onslaught.

If you prefer to control the locations directly, you can use this type of control deck. It works with cards that grant power in other locations and allows you to slow down the opponent's plays. Mr Fantastic, Omega Red and Klaw, are additions that can enhance your plays before reaching the last turn and surprise the opponent.

Another way to block locations is to have cards like Storm or Professor X. If you have Nebula, you might better control at least one location, and take advantage of its buff every turn.


Cards: Morbius, Invisible Woman, Lady Sif, Black Cat, Jubilee, Iron Man, MODOK, Hela, The Living Tribunal, Giganto, The Infinaut, Death.

We close with a slightly more complex deck, but one that personally is one of the best. It builds on the discards archetype to buff up powerful cards and quickly bring in Giganto or Death. Here you can establish variants of brutal force, with cards like Ebony Maw, Red Skull or Dr Octopus. But in that case you need a support like Wave.

Do not miss our guide how to put together the best marvel snap decks. And if you don't already have the Living Tribunal, surprise my favorite decks with more accessible cards, which have made me win games quickly. Still, it's a card that's really worth it. If you have any questions, leave us your comment.

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