What are the Dark Raids of Pokémon GO: How they work and characteristics

Team GO Rocket is back with an ambitious plan: control the Gyms with their Shadow Pokémon! This threat gives rise to an epic challenge in Pokémon GO known as the "dark raids”. If you are ready to face this setback and defend the Pokémon world, learn the details of this new experience

Pokémon GO Dark raids

Dark Raids have been introduced with the event "Rising Shadows" which began on May 22, 2023. Here, the bravest Trainers will have the opportunity to face powerful Dark Raid bosses and, if they manage to defeat them, capture new Pokémon companions.

But they will not be alone! They will also be able to join their friends in group raids to increase their chances of victory.

How to play dark raids in Pokémon GO

Although Team GO Rocket plans to control a large number of Gyms with their Shadow Pokémon, those that manage to hold out will still host other raids that you can participate in. For Pokémon GO Dark Raids, there are only 2 requirements:

  • Have reached trainer level 5.
  • Have a normal raid pass or premium raid.

It is important to note that Dark Raids will not allow the use of remote raid passes. This means that Trainers must physically go to the Gym in order to participate. Also, you will also not be able to invite friends using Remote Raid Passes.

For the rest, in the raids you will receive the same rewards with a very important addition: You can get 2 additional Honor Balls by being a member of the team that dominates the Gym.

In Gyms with Dark Raids, you will face extremely powerful bosses. These bosses can have three or five stars; and as you challenge them they will increase their attack and defense. But don't give up, stay determined and weaken the boss of the Dark Raid to bend him to your will.

You can counter it with Purified Gems during combat, allowing the Shadow Pokémon to stop being enraged. These Purified Gems are obtained in exchange for Dark Shards, which can be obtained by defeating Team GO Rocket, facing Team GO Rocket leaders, fighting Giovanni, or completing a Dark Raid.

Pokémon GO Dark Raid Purified Gems

It's time for the bravest Trainers to step up and take on Team GO Rocket in these exciting Dark Raids! Gather your friends, plan your strategy and prepare for an epic battle. Remember, the fate of the Pokémon world is in your hands. Good luck, Trainer!

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