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Free spins on Coin Master

En Coin Master we have different ways to get free spins, and one of them is through a series of links or daily links, in which the game itself rewards us with free spins, spins and coins every day.

Here is the complete list of daily free spins links, so you can redeem them at any time for 25 or 50 free spins. The list is updated several times a day, so visit us every 3 hours to see new free spins for Coin Master:

Datefree spins Coin MasterSpin Links
22 September 20236. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
22 September 20235. Link – 10 spins & 2 million coinsCollect
22 September 20234. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
22 September 20233. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
22 September 20232. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
22 September 20231. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
21 September 20237. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
21 September 20236. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
21 September 20235. Link – 50 Free SpinsCollect
21 September 20234. Link – 10 spins & 2 million coinsCollect
21 September 20233. Link – 10 spins & 2 million coinsCollect
21 September 20232. Link – 10 spins & 2 million coinsCollect
21 September 20231. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
20 September 20236. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
20 September 20235. Link – 10 spins & 2 million coinsCollect
20 September 20234. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
20 September 20233. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
20 September 20232. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
20 September 20231. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
19 September 20236. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
19 September 20235. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
19 September 20234. Link – 10 spins & 2 million coinsCollect
19 September 20233. Link – 10 spins & 2 million coinsCollect
19 September 20232. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
19 September 20231. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
18 September 20236. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
18 September 20235. Link – 10 spins & 2 million coinsCollect
18 September 20234. Link – 50 Free SpinsCollect
18 September 20233. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
18 September 20232. Link – 25 Free SpinsCollect
Coins and Free Spins on Coin Master

To redeem the prizes we list, you only need to do two things:

  • make sure that the award date is current, so that the bonus remains active or in force.
  • What's wrong the installed app on the device you open the link on.

You can get these free spins every day (also called spins) in both the Android and iOS app as well as the integrated Facebook app.

By clicking on the corresponding link, a new tab will open in the game. It will be there where they inform us about the reward that we are going to obtain: spins or coins. By clicking on “Collect now” or “Collect now”, we will be automatically added to the account.

Links with free spins today on Coin Master

Immediately afterwards, the message will appear that «Coin Master he has given you rolls». And when you pick them up they will be automatically added to the game.

How to get free spins on Coin Master 2023

In this guide I am going to teach you how to how to get free spins on Coin Master to spin the wheel as many times as you can during the day, even without having to use the links, but you will get them organically and naturally within the game.

The best thing is that the tricks that we will see they are legal, official and still working in 2023. So you can rest assured that you can fulfill them without any problem. Do not trust pages that ask your user to give you free spins, because most likely, in addition to being ineffective, they can steal your account. Be careful!

Before moving on to the methods, you may be interested to know that there are daily bonuses and rewards for those who enter the game. If you want to see the daily rewards you just have to go to our following guide:

120 free spins every day

roulette wheel Coin Master

The roulette or slot machine will be reloaded with 5 free spins every hour. This means that, in 24 hours, we can receive up to 120 spins without having to take any prior action.

All you have to do is go to the slot machine tab, and look at the spins bar whose counter will indicate how many do you have available at that moment.

Additionally, you will see a countdown that, every time it reaches 0, will give you new free spins.

Free spins for inviting or gifting more to your friends

Free spins and coins for inviting your friends Coin Master

It tienes friends who play Coin Master, you are in luck, and it is that if you go to the Main Menu > Gifts, you will be able to send and receive gifts such as free spins or coins.

You can give each other a free spin per friend each day, reciprocally, if you have the account connected to Facebook. You can send and receive a maximum of 100 free spins per day.

However, if you find some type of limitation, we warn you that the official account is a bit contradictory, since although in the game it appears that, indeed, there are a maximum of 100 a day, have you ever commented that the maximum to send and receive from friends are:

  • Village 1 to 60: 50 daily spins.
  • Village 60 to 80: 70 daily spins.
  • Village 80 or more: 80 daily spins.

So if one day you can't get to XNUMX, the table above is probably applying, but we can usually send and receive that XNUMX free spins between friends.

Leveling up

Free spins when moving up from village Coin Master

To start the new villages with motivation, what they do in Coin Master is to give us free spins as soon as we start a new village. This means that every time we level up, they will give us free rolls and spins.

Until village number 10 at least, the initial reward you will get to start with energy is 25 spins. Although it is a figure that could be higher as we have more advanced villages.

What's more: when you reach villages close to number 100, you won't just get spins anymore, but other rewards like chests, experience, pet food, and of course, spins.

Open Mystery Chests

Whenever you level up, or sometimes when you raid villages, they will give you free chests with letters inside.

In fact, there is a chest that is not the typical one made of wood, gold or magic, but rather it is the mysterious chest. This chest can come out when raiding villages, but randomly, and has a lower chance of appearing than the others.

What is special about this chest is that it includes some very succulent prizes:

  • x1 joker card, which you can turn into any other (even a golden letter!). The probability of getting one of these cards is 10%.
  • x6 cards from any collection.
  • free spins, with an indefinite amount, which usually ranges from 60 to 600 spins. The higher the village level you have, the more rolls you can get with more probability.
  • experience and food for your pet. In the case of food, it usually touches between 2 or 4 foods.

The good news is that from village 11 the Reward Calendar is unlocked, in which they will give you a prize for each consecutive day you enter the game.

Rewards calendar Coin Master

And, when you enter the game for 30 consecutive days, the prize will be a Mystery Chest:

Mystery Chest in Reward Calendar Coin Master

In any case, even if you see that it is a day far away, while those days pass you will be obtaining other types of prizes such as coins, free spins, experience and food for your pet.

Before reaching the Mysterious Chest you will have these rewards:

  • Day 1: 900.000 coins.
  • Day 2: 30 spins.
  • Day 3: magic chest.
  • Day 4: 35 spins.
  • Day 5: 5.5 million coins.
  • Day 6: 7 million coins.
  • Day 7: 17.5 million coins, 90 spins, 5.000 experience and 1 food for your pet.
  • Day 8: 20 million coins.
  • Day 17: 17.5 million coins and 90 spins.
  • Day 22: 45 million coins and 90 spins.
  • Day 30: mysterious chest (you can get from 60 to 600 spins).

The wait will be more pleasant with this, so remember to enter the game every day to get everything little by little.

Prize spins or free spins

Coinmaster Free Spins

The roulette itself Coin Master It will sometimes give us, as a prize, a series of free spins. The only negative here is that is a prize with a very low probability. It is more common that you get coins, assaults or attacks, rather than rolls.

But don't give up. Spin the roulette as many times as you can and surely on some occasion luck will smile at you with a good pack of free spins, which in the initial levels (up to village 10) are usually around 30.

Our recommendation is that, when you have not touched the spin prize for a long time, bet with the multiplier (x2, x3, x5…) in case that moment comes soon and the number of free spins won multiplies.

inviting friends

Invite friends to get free spins and coins Coin Master

As you play the game, you will realize that Facebook plays a major role in the game's promotion strategy. So, Coin Master give away lots of spins for each friend who installs the game on your behalf.

Although you can invite friends from any social network, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, if you do it from Facebook they give you 30 extra spins for each new player who installs the game thanks to you on that social network.

It is important that you know that, for this to count, the Facebook user you invite must never have played the game before, or else you won't be added as an invite.

To finish this trick, a bit of evil advice: you can create several fake Facebook profiles, with different emails, to pretend that you are inviting yourself to those accounts. Also, if you have multiple accounts Coin Master, you can send each other free spins every day from them reciprocally.

Pay attention to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Get free spins with social networks Coin Master

From Facebook and Twitter you can have the opportunity to win free spins every day and in fact, it will turn into something fun, since they usually throw puzzles or riddles among those who draw the free spins.

If you want to try your luck to be one of the lucky ones who win those rolls of Coin Master, We link below their main social networks where these communications are issued to the players:

  • Twitter: each day they will give you a riddle or a topic to talk about. If you reply to that tweet, the next day they will mention the two winners of the giveaway among all those who replied.
  • Facebook: here it is easier to get the spins, and that is that every day they give you a new link to the game linked to Facebook, so you can have free spins. Instead of tweeting, you just click on a link.
  • Instagram: You will have to make a comment on their posts or stories, to try your luck and see if you are one of the lucky ones to win their daily prizes.

Complete card collections

Card Collection Gallery Coin Master

Our card collections in Coin Master they are a great attraction to advance in the game and become a millionaire. And it is that, every time you complete a collection, they will give you very attractive rewards like millions of coins or many spins.

The rarer that collection is, the better rewards they will give you. In the following example, when completing the "Statues" card collection, we see that They give us 100 print runs.

Spins thanks to completing card collections Coin Master

The point is that not all the unlocked collections appear from the beginning, but rather you will unlock them as you go from village. Thus, it will give you time to complete the rest.

To get letters you will have to open chests, which are obtained by looting villages or leveling up. You should also be attentive to social networks and the game itself, because sometimes they announce events related to the exchange of letters to complete collections more easily.

paying for them

Spins and coins you can get by paying

Finally, if none of the above seems enough to you, the only extra way you have to continue getting free spins is by going to the cashier. In the previous screenshot you have the complete list of spins that you can redeem in exchange for virtual coins of the game, and that are obtained by paying.

However, if what you were looking for is free spins, I am sure that with the tips above you already have a good time to have fun. I hope you liked this guide!

Favorite strategies to get even more free spins

free spins Coin Master us

If you want to collect even more spins today, I'll summarize some of the easiest tricks to apply that exist to obtain them:

  • Take advantage of 5 new editions that they give you every hour in the machine. They are achieved without doing anything, so do not miss the opportunity and take advantage of them.
  • If you go from the main menu to the option of Gifts, you will be able to invite friends, with whom you will receive extra free spins for each one that registers in the app thanks to your invitation. The number of spins won will vary from your village number (the higher the higher the reward).
  • Level up. Every time you go up from a village, completing all its constructions, you will be given a pack of rewards, among which are 25 free spins.
  • Perform assaults to unearth mysterious chests. They have a very low spawn rate, and it's rare for them to spawn, but in some rounds you'll get chests that include free spins.
  • Take advantage of the rewards calendar from village 11. You will receive a prize for each consecutive day you play Coin Master, among which are many print runs.
  • Complete card collections to receive succulent prizes. Again, in addition to millions of coins, you will be given spins as a reward for your efforts in collecting them all.

How to get 50 free spins on Coin Master

50 Free Spins Coin Master

The normal number that is given out for free spins is 10 or 25 each day. The good news is that there are several daily links, so if you use the links every day, you will be rewarded with 50 free spins every 24 hours.

The trick is not to wait for a magic button to give you 50 hit rolls, because such high amounts are never delivered.

But as you can see at the beginning of this guide, they do offer prizes of 10 or 25 daily free spins. In this way you will get 50 spins or even more, if you take advantage of all the links.

Also, the links take several days to expire (almost a week), so you will not only be able to take advantage of today's links or links, but also those from several days ago.

How to avoid free spins scams

As there is a high demand from gamers for shortcuts or cheats to Coin Master, certain companies take advantage of people's ingenuity to make them believe that they are going to get a reward, when they really just want their data.

Remember that there are no infinite runs.

For this reason, we recommend that you take into account the following tips to get spins from a reliable website (like this):

Check the https security protocol

If the web address does not start with https, you start to doubt, listen to me. Websites that only have an http do not have a security certificate and, therefore, could put your data at risk. Watch out for them.

The official website is Moon Active

Moonactive official website

Every time you go to get the rolls or spins without paying, remember that this is the official domain from which they are offered:


In other words, if the reward is claimed on another website, and that other website takes you to another site where you have to enter your personal data or whatever, don't do it.

In any moment Coin Master will ask you for private information. All you have to do is click on Claim the reward and open the game from mobile or Facebook.

For years, generators of coins and other prizes for mobile games have become fashionable. But they are all lies.

They falsify users, opinions, and imitate that they give you a prize, in order to steal your account or get your mobile number. So, run away from any generator where you have to put your username and password, or perform any transaction.

Frequently asked questions to get free spins

How do you get the free spins every day?

The links or links are updated daily so that you can redeem your rewards in Coin Master.

When do the links with free spins expire?

Normally the links have an estimated duration of 4 days, from which time they will cease to be valid and, therefore, you will not be able to take advantage of them.

How many villages are there in Coin Master?

To pass the game you must reach the last village, which is already around 252, but they are constantly adding new ones.

What are the stars on the cards?

The stars on each card indicate its rarity level. The rarer they are, the more value they will have. This will help you make trades or complete collections successfully and thus get even more free spins.

Can I get spins or free spins on Coin Master?

Of course. In this guide we have taught you many techniques, such as waiting every 5 hours for spins to be added to your counter, exchanging with friends, taking advantage of special events, or participating in giveaways on social networks. But the best thing is that you visit us to know the links that we put every day, because the reward is greater and easy to obtain.

And you, what strategy or trick do you follow to get free spins every day? Did the tips above help you? I would like to read you in a comment.

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