How to get free diamonds in Free Fire

Surely many of you are wondering how to get free diamonds on Free Fire, thus getting new equipment and weapons in the game. In this guide we are going to show you the best options to achieve it without endangering your account, and in a totally legal way.

It is not a secret that Free Fire has been postulated as the direct rival regarding PUBG and Fortnite for the throne of the crowded genre of Battle Royale. That said, it is not so easy to advance in this game without a key element in the exchange of benefits: the diamonds of Free Fire. Something that may allow us to be number 1 more frequently.

these rewards They are the hardest to get in the game., so many players are looking to get hold of them without having to pay real money to get them.

Today, from Frontal Gamer, we are going to instruct you in how to get such a precious prize from simple steps that you can perform at your whim.

what are diamonds Free Fire?

battle winner Free Fire

If you are part of those millions of players who face the challenge of surviving on a battlefield with your best weapon and skill, you surely know what are diamonds and what are they based on Free Fire.

Although this explanation may be redundant for many, new players will surely appreciate a brief summary of what they are. So let's solve those little doubts.

Waiting to go into battle Free Fire for rewards

Diamonds are a currency of exchange in Free Fire that allows us to buy equipment, top tier weapons and emotes, among others. Philosophy has no mystery: the more advanced equipment you have, the easier it is to win.

Also, diamonds can also give you extra skills that will make you stand out above the rest. That is why they are of vital importance to win the games. These gemstones can be bought, although today we are here to say how to get diamonds for free.

How to get diamonds legally Free Fire

We are not going to deceive you, and it is that get free diamonds on Free Fire not always an easy task, so you must be aware that, if you want such a succulent prize, you will have to make an effort, because in this life they never give us anything.

If we want an instant fix, we can always pay for those precious diamonds.

Diamond pack prices

  • 100 diamonds: 1,09 €
  • 310 diamonds: 3,49 €
  • 520 diamonds: 5,49 €
  • 1060 diamonds: 10,99 €
  • 2180 diamonds: 21,99 €
  • 5600 diamonds: 54,99 €
Shop Free Fire to get diamonds

Besides, we can always choose a weekly subscription and receive 100 diamonds as a consequence. Of course, if we check in the store, they cost us cheaper if we choose to buy them separately, reaching the figure of €1,09. Do your calculations.

Subscription Free Fire to get diamonds

Another small detail is the fact that, if we get the diamonds, we can even buy level ups to try to catch up with the best players in the world, even going so far as to opt for an enviable winning streak even for those who have spent hours in love with their mobile screens.

Level Pass Prices

level pass in Free Fire to win free diamonds
The Level Pass will allow you to earn free diamonds as you gain experience.

The Tier Pass is an offer that can only be purchased once per player. Thanks to it you will get free diamonds as you level up in the game, up to a total of 1.000 diamonds.

The list of diamonds that will give you by level are the following:

  • 1 level: 300 diamonds
  • 2 level: 50 diamonds
  • 3 level: 50 diamonds
  • 4 level: 50 diamonds
  • 5 level: 50 diamonds
  • 6 level: 50 diamonds
  • 7 level: 50 diamonds
  • 8 level: 50 diamonds
  • 9 level: 50 diamonds
  • 10 level: 300 diamonds

If we do calculations, getting these 1.000 diamonds in the store would have meant a much higher price compared to having purchased them in the Level Pass. Specifically, it is 334% cheaper than if you buy the diamonds in normal lots.

That said, now that we know what diamonds are and how we can obtain them legally, let's get to what really matters to you: how to get diamonds for Free Fire free.

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire

If we do not want to go through the checkout and obtain them for free, here are a series of methods that will help you achieve it:

Earn diamonds by completing missions

Simple, right? There is not much mystery in this part. Complete in-game quests to get this award.

However, you should know that not all missions offer diamonds as a reward and indeed they are strange quests to watch. If you find one whose prize is diamonds, do not hesitate to complete it as soon as possible so that it does not escape you.

We recommend that you follow Garena Free Fire s Twitter to be aware of the special events that are launching, because in some you could see free diamonds as rewards.

Use the legal codes of the game to get the diamonds

From time to time various codes made up of 12 characters that, if you enter them in the game, you can redeem for free diamonds.

This series of numbers and letters are well known among the gaming world, and although many of these are not exclusively for diamonds, some of these codes do include obtaining free diamonds as a prize or gift.

However, we must always be very careful, because these codes have an expiration date and we could lose many prizes if we get lost. The good thing is that new codes are constantly being generated, so if you pay attention, you can surely get a good number of diamonds without paying.

Applications to earn Google Play balance

Always go with two eyes to avoid web pages where they want to give you these diamonds or promise to get them in two clicks. Do not trust

That said, there are applications that, through completing surveys or performing different tasks such as downloading other apps, they can generate free diamonds for Free Fire.

These applications are the following:

  • Google Opinion Rewards: official Google app that will allow you, by answering surveys, to earn credits or balance to later exchange them for diamonds. It is the one we recommend the most, since it offers high security as it is official from Google. In addition, we have verified that they really pay the amount that they promise you when answering the surveys.
Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Google Opinion Rewards
  • gamehag: here you can choose, playing or writing articles, soul gems that can be exchanged for Google Play prepaid cards, thus giving us a good sum of diamonds.
  • game kit: Similar to Gamehag. If we complete certain missions, from different games, we will earn credits that can be exchanged for various benefits in gaming, including diamonds for Free Fire.

Always be aware, however, that these are still options that involve effort. The best thing is always to earn your place by achieving several victories and showing who is the best.

free diamond codes for Free Fire

Below is an updated list of diamond codes Free Fire for today:

  • N432UNX9AH5T
  • HTMG7XV79B3H
  • DKXW4567ATFB
  • 32C6FJY6TSP6
  • 7BTQH3ZX92AH
  • Q49F9J22DJ9F
  • H64NN222YAN8
  • P5Y5HW9R3CTZ
  • NNRRD5294DKW
  • 6GZ55VT7ZZG7
  • 96Y4CNBZGV35
  • U3MEUH32NDC4
  • S4D8WJN9ZN7N
  • 3FZ37U39XDGW
  • F3WD7FR54V6R
  • ZQAVU9W9A47K
  • DR98KKE5X2MP
  • 6KB727MM88DG
  • VNEEGV9533N9
  • NNRRD5294DKW
  • 2BEMBE4T-XU4
  • 96Y4CNBZGV35
  • A65HHGX8SV2U

How to redeem diamonds in Free Fire

If you have obtained diamonds through the promotional codes of the game, then you do not have to do anything, since as soon as you enter them they are automatically added to your account.

In case you bought them with Play Store balance (i.e. from the store Garena Free Fire) should also be added almost immediately.

The maximum term for diamonds to be delivered to your account is 2 working days, or 3 business days if you have paid by bank transfer.

Remember to check the email associated with your Google Play account to verify that you have received a purchase confirmation email, since it is something they always do to verify that the transaction has been completed successfully.

Warning: beware of free diamond generators

On the Internet there are multiple free diamond generators for Free Fire, but we warn you that almost all of them are scams.

Although they seem official and that there are players who have already tried them, the reality is that all those users that we see are invented names, which are automatically generated by a bot.

In fact, if you try to complete the steps to earn the free diamonds, we are sure that you will be asked for an action such as registering on a website that has nothing to do with the game, or completing an offer. This is where the catch is.

These people take a certain amount of money when we, the players, perform an action on their generator, and usually we are charged (real money) for completing it. Do not do it.

So it is very important that you avoid these types of diamond generators and that you only trust the offers that are within the game itself, the special missions with diamonds, and the codes that you can redeem within the game.

I have bought diamonds but I have not received them

In the event that you have purchased diamonds for Free Fire but they are not yet reflected in your account, you must take into account several things:

  • They can take up to 2 or 3 days to send them to you.
  • Check that you have the purchase confirmation email.

If more than 2 or 3 days have passed, and you have the purchase confirmation email, then we recommend that you contact the Google Play Help, Ya que Free Fire usually ignores these cases and they will hardly help us.

A second solution would be request a refund to get your money back for the diamonds you haven't seen yet.

Why are diamonds disappearing from my account?

Diamonds can disappear from your account Free Fire for these reasons:

  • You have requested a refund and the corresponding diamonds have been removed.
  • You have forgotten that you bought something that cost diamonds.
  • Someone has broken into your account, buying things in exchange for diamonds without your consent.

In the third case, remember to change your account password to prevent other people from managing your account without your permission. In fact, sharing accounts is a prohibited practice by Garena Free Fire and, if discovered, they could ban and close your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will summarize some of the most frequent doubts by players and that we have detailed in previous paragraphs:

How to get diamonds Free Fire free?

The only legal way to get free diamonds for Free Fire It's leveling up by winning games or getting paid with Google Opinion Rewards.

How long does it take for diamonds to be added to my account?

The process of adding diamonds to your account is immediate if you get them in-game, but if they are purchased it can take up to 3 days.

Are there hacks to get free diamonds in Free Fire?

There are many web pages that pretend to give you diamonds but they are fake. We advise you not to trust them and do things legally because they could steal your account.

What can I buy with diamonds in Free Fire?

If you get diamonds in Free Fire You can get exclusive skins and outfits, as well as special weapons to be the coolest of all.

What are the codes to get free diamonds Free Fire?

Check this page daily to find the active codes of Free Fire to get free diamonds.

Finally, just remind you which This guide can be applied to Free Fire normal and Free Fire Max.

And for you, which method has worked best for you? get free diamonds on Free Fire?

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