How many levels does Candy Crush have in total as of today?

How many levels does Candy Crush have in total as of today? is one of the questions asked by millions of players, newbies and veterans. more than for complete the challenge (something that few can boast, even if it is in candy crush online), the doubt arises out of mere curiosity or because the game seems to have no end.

How many levels does candy crush have

Candy Crush has become a benchmark for current mobile games, with several similar games that copy many of its mechanics. In fact, the very king company, which was acquired by Microsoft, has put special emphasis on updating it and offering its loyal fans everything they need to keep them hooked much longer.

How many levels does Candy Crush have?

If you're at least level 900 in Candy Crush Saga, you still have a long way to go. At the time of writing this article there are 14.364 levels, and around 100 worlds to explore.

And we tell you "Until now” because surely the King team is already working on new adventures. For that reason, we will try to update the number of levels month by month.

In case you did not know, we leave you some additional information. And it is that Candy Crush is a box of surprises, which is updated weekly. The platform is always one foot ahead and excels at making players live new experiences.

Now, another question that has been around the heads of users is: What level will Candy Crush reach? And it happens that we have no answer. This is because success is still latent for the company and user acceptance continues to grow. There are no upcoming plans to stop it.

Despite having been operating since 2013, this application has not lost its effectiveness. With more and more players who daily join this sweet adventure. Also, the strategies to not make the game monotonous have been excellent, so “line up the candies” every day has become more interesting.

inventory in candy crush

How is the last level of Candy Crush?

You must imagine that it is not easy at all! Our intention is not to reveal surprises, but we can anticipate a few things:

  • There are many new obstacles and possible combinations with extras. With this, you increase your skills and you are going to put into practice your strategy capacity, which among other things must be raised because you are already in the end.
  • You can make use of 4 boosters. Something very positive, since without them it is impossible!

And for the rest, we better let you experience it yourself. What we recommend is that at the end you save as many boosters as you can. If you have the opportunity to have lollipops and a lot of gold, don't waste it. Gear up for the finish!

As we mentioned before, level 11.560 is not very well known for many. However, this could change at any time when the level counter continues to increase. The only thing we have to do is wait, with such success it seems almost impossible that this is the end.

6 things you probably didn't know about Candy Crush

Just as we have told you today about how many levels Candy Crush has, we want to comment on some details that you may not know. Among them are:

  1. If for any reason you couldn't follow your game in Candy Crush, and you want to continue the same app, you are greeted in a friendly way with bonus free spins or gold bars, they can give you up to 50! Sure, if you've been offline for a long time.
gold bars in candy crush
  1. Take advantage of video baskets. They usually appear before you start the game or when you are going to change levels. You can also go to events and click on “sweet cinema” is great, you watch a video and you have the option to play the traditional 3 in a row game and earn an additional booster.
  2. You can challenge friends or participate in the weekly competition. This gives you the opportunity to earn more gold. It never hurts a few bars, especially when you're in the higher difficulty levels.
  3. Have you noticed that when you win a level candies keep exploding and a “skip” button appears? Well, if you want to have a higher score, you shouldn't click on it, this only stops the score and even though you've already passed the level, you won't be able to beat your friends who did have the patience to wait.
free videos on candy crush
  1. Check your message box. Many friends can send you messages with extra lives or gifts. If you ignore it or let it go, they accumulate, and that's not good. Apparently if you have more than 30 messages you run the risk of losing them all. The solution?: Easy, update the tray every two or three days and that's it.

An additional tip

For identify the most difficult levels, it is best to watch the presentation before starting the game. If it turns purple and says "nightmare level" or something similar. ¡Immediately take action! Go willing or willing to overcome a small torture to be able to advance to the next.

Play Candy Crush It is one of the most relaxing things in the world. It is the perfect game to leave the daily stress, waiting to be served or in the middle of a queue on the public route. You can play wherever you want, at the time you want and between candies, sweets and/or treats you let time pass without major worries.

you have learned today how many levels of Candy Crush there are some tricks. Visit our content from Frontal Gamer to discover more about your favorite games.

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          • No! Every game has an end! It does not give that they continue adding

          • They will continue until the end of time 😅 Or until they turn off the servers. There's no hurry

          • Hello Gabriel. How many levels come out daily? or weekly? I also want to share my experience that I was one of the winners of the All Stars tournament of the year 2023. I wish they could do more of these events in a row. I won't be able to travel to London. and that they hold a tournament in Spain...

          • Hi Luis, approximately 15 to 20 levels are released weekly. Sometimes there is more and sometimes less. About the events, we have no control of it. But I fully agree, I hope one was made in Spain. Greetings!

  1. I like Candy Crush Saga I'm at level 3784 and every day I encourage myself to overcome more and more levels

    • Good morning Jose!

      We are glad that you like Candy Crush Saga. You still have many levels to overcome, we wish you the best of success 😄

      Remember that you can review our tips and tricks for Candy Crush Saga. Cheers!

  2. I finished level 11.555 and there is no more. There I am waiting for new ones, but it seems that they never arrive 😭

    • Hello Catherine! Thanks for your comment.

      To date, Candy Crush Saga has 12.275 levels. Try updating the app.
      Remember that these updates are by region and probably in the next few weeks you can play the new levels. We hope they arrive soon 😉

      Remember to check out our Candy Crush cheats. Cheers!

    • Good afternoon, why won't you let me buy? It appears to me: purchase not made, no money has been withdrawn from your account.
      and when I finish a level it shows me "connected with app store"
      I already have several days like this, I already uninstalled the application, I also uninstalled play store...
      but still the same

  3. Unfortunately I don't get any extra moves. That way you can't get the very hard games. I'm on 12223. I've been stuck for days,
    It hasn't happened to me before.

  4. I am now at level 10060. Last year I had infinite games for 4 weeks and each game had all the extras. To this day I don't know why.

    • Hello Laura! There will be more very soon 😜 If you need help, we have a guide with tips and tricks to play Candy Crush.


      • Hello isbael! Thanks for your comment.
        Unfortunately, King removed the ads and concentrated the profits on in-app purchases.
        Also, allowing only 20 lives is part of the latest updates and there's nothing we can do about it. ☹


    • Good afternoon Roselli. If the game does not open you must make sure that it is correctly updated, check the memory capacity of your mobile that may be preventing an update. Also try closing all background apps and back in. If the problem is related to your associated account, you will have to write to support

      We hope you find the solution. If you have a specific problem, you can comment us to help you.


  6. Ik ben bij 12410 en wacht op nieuw levels, elke woensdag komen er 45 nieuwe die ik dan weer uitspeel om vervolgens het sterren toernooi te spelen waar ik deze week 2e werdt.

    gr frame

  7. Carlos Sánchez I am at level 12475 waiting for more I must last from 6 to 7 days to play the stellar tournament I do not like excellent games I do not change it for the rest of the world I have been playing for more than 8 years thanks one little thing this game does not give a prize for playing .

  8. Until now I was quite happy to play, even if in some periods, things change... for example, being able to watch a video in the appropriate frame is almost impossible... before the possibility of watching videos came out from time to time, now a few times a day… well, they continually try to limit the players… which annoys me a lot.
    The latest NEGATIVE news, which I find really wrong, is the possibility to use only 20 lives donated by friends per day!!!
    It makes me want to uninstall the game... which, I realize, has made me a bit addictive.

    • Hello Daniela! Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, King removed the ads and concentrated the profits on in-app purchases.
      Also, allowing only 20 lives is part of the latest updates and there's nothing we can do about it.


        • Good Francis. It definitely should. Before they gave special prizes for watching ads, but unfortunately they removed it.

          However, in Frontal Gamer we recommend all kinds of games with incentives for everyone. We hope you get the one that suits what you are looking for. Greetings!

  9. Good afternoon, I have 400 lives in the game, but it only makes me play 20 a day. Because? It was not like this in the past. Thank you

    • Hello Marisa. It just so happens that the new game system limits lives to a total of 20.
      These are part of the latest King updates and there is nothing we can do about it.

    • Yes, there are play store cards... But I don't think it's a good idea to continue spending, today I counted how many levels there are and they are 12710...

  10. October 5, 2022
    I did the count of how many levels there are… For each crossed star there is a total of 75 levels, 15 for each plane that crosses, I go to 2000… 😒 😂 From that level to the nearest star and until the last, there is a total out of 142 stars with 75 levels each, taking the most accurate count is 12710 levels… 😂 😂 😂

    I don't know if it's a good idea to keep playing or I'll leave it alone...

    • Hello Luis! To date there are 12.770 levels. Few can boast of having come this far, the joke is not to give up 😉

      Courage and if you want, keep playing. Much success!

  11. 12635 that's the last level more than a week ago!!! I'm still waiting for more levels.. when??? If they don't arrive soon I will have to delete the app from my mobile

    • Hello Fran! haha calm down, soon they will update the application again and in the coming weeks we will update the levels.

      A greeting!

  12. Good morning, a curiosity, I can't get high scores anymore, practically when the sweets explode the score is blocked! Basically I've always been in last position for a while now… I don't know what happened. I'm at 8785 currently. Just curiosities 🤔 Thank you

  13. Please make more new levels. Don't let this game die. I've been playing for ten years! I would like to play for ten more!

  14. Hello

    I'm at the last level available.

    12.815. On 01/11/2022

    I participated in the tournament that only those who reach that level can enter. I was third

    I think it's worldwide

    Do you confirm this? I have photos to prove

  15. ujule I'm going to 12905 and I've been there for a week now, there are no more levels, maybe they'll add more 😉😉😉😉😉

  16. I'm at level 12844. Levels become impossible to complete without using a lot of boosters and adding moves. The policy is clearly to encourage players to buy boosters or gold bars. So it gets super boring. Needless to say, I will NEVER buy anything.
    There are other games online that are more intellectually challenging, so you have to explore elsewhere.

  17. I am level 12886. Why are there no more boosters after watching a video and no more extra steps after watching a video?

  18. Hello, I notice that for some levels I'm at 12993, which made everything more difficult, in fact, watching videos on youtube of the levels I'm facing, I have at least 5 moves less than the video and more things to remove like blocks, jellies , etc. What's going on? thus they make the "easy" levels difficult and the difficult ones impossible. Shouldn't they be the same for everyone? at this rate we will be forced to leave the game

  19. In the general information it says that if you stopped playing for a long time, they give you 50 gold bars, I stopped playing for more than 3 years and they didn't give them to me 😭😭

    • Good! Candy Crush has changed a lot in recent years. In fact, since 2021 or so, rewards for viewing advertising have been removed. That 50 ingot reward has likely been removed as well. Regards!

    • Hello good!! If you are talking about the one that precedes a lollipop, it works to destroy a square of candy, jelly or some other obstacle. Greetings!

      • I'm at level 9379 but the profile picture seems to be at 8000. Why don't I put 9000 cars so long that I went from 8000 to 9000?

        • Hello good! It's probably a glitch in the update. With the next update it will be solved for sure. Greetings!

  20. Hello, today I have reached level 13.655 and the game is over :(( I hope I don't wait too long for the new levels. I thought it would never end though...

  21. I'm at level 9670 taking the profile picture appears as they are at level 8000. The game update was done, but I didn't change my position. please intervene

  22. This game de-stresses me, where I have the greatest victories is when I go to the bathroom, 100% concentrated!!
    I'm at level 5010

  23. I am at the level of 13847 and I do not understand why seeing more commercials, they do not give me amplifiers… If they gave me all the prizes, now I was much further away…

  24. Greeting! The game is locked and I can't buy with ingots, without an intensifier… Can you help me, so I can continue? I am at the level of 13868… Do not contact the store with prizes… Thank you!

  25. Hello, I reached level 13970 which seems to be today (March 29,
    2023) the highest with a message: “you are one of the best days! New levels coming soon»
    What's up with that?
    Thank you very much

    • Hello! The new levels of the week will be updated very soon, since they are not updated at the same time in all regions.
      Be patient.

      Greetings 😉

  26. I'm at level 14285 and I've been playing the Star Tuner for 3 days, this takes 5 days. Does the game continue then?

  27. 02/07/23 at 23:16 p.m. After the app update done in June 2023, I can't pass the phase anymore. It has some bugs. I parked in phase 4,910, have done everything possible to get back, and nothing.

  28. I'm at level 14230 and they keep adding levels. Before it was easy at the end of the game but lately they are faster putting levels than me when overcoming them. Each time they put fewer movements to solve them and it shows.
    I was up to the second round of the championship but they didn't give me levels of purple candies and only the ones you collected when they were overcome counted. Normal that those who won were computer players 😜


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