Best High Evolutionary decks in Marvel Snap

In the month of May, Marvel Snap surprises us with the addition of a new letter: the High Evolutionary (High Evolutionary). This letter has such unique characteristics that it deserves its own guide. Here we explain how it works, how to obtain it and what decks can be created with it.

How to get the High Evolutionary in Marvel Snap

Before we dive into the strategic aspects of this card, it's important to understand who this interesting character is that He has played an important role in several stories from the Marvel universe and has even made an appearance in the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Let's go with it.

Who is the High Evolutionary in Marvel?

His real name used to be Herbert Edgar Wyndham, long before becoming a fearsome villain. He was designed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, debuting on the pages of the comics. The Mighty Thor #134 in 1966.

High Evolutionary Comics

It is about a scientist who, inspired by the biologist Nathaniel Essex (Mr. Sinister), began to experiment with genetic manipulation. Its mission is to form a new species in the evolutionary chain, so he decides to accelerate evolution with a machine that he baptizes as the Genetic Accelerator and that he uses on himself to develop his intellect, manipulation of matter and superhuman resistance.

His obsession with using animals and humans in his experiments leads him to face teams of heroes such as the Avengers and the X Men several times.. In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, is played by Chukwudi Iwuji.

How to get the High Evolutionary in Marvel Snap?

during the season Guardians Greatest Hits interesting letters arrived like Nebula and Howard the Duck; but none is at the level of the High Evolutionary. From May 23 to 29, 2023, it is introduced as a featured card of the week in the collector's token shop.

Get the High Evolutionary in Marvel Snap

It is part of Pool 5 of the game and can be purchased at the collector's shop, but has a cost of 6.000 tokens. On the other hand, it would also appear among the Chests or in the Collector's Reserves; although since it is a series 5 letter, there is only one 0,25% chance to drop by that means.

After that time, you can wait until i go down to series 4 and its appearance becomes more common. If you wait for it to reach Pool 3, it will be even easier to get it.

High Evolutionary Ability

El High Evolutionary has a Cost 4 and Power 4 (having been nerfed, since his original power was 7). The ability of this card tells us: At the start of the game, unlock the potential of your cards without abilities. In this way, we can make use of the cards that we normally only use with Patriot.

High Evolving Effect

It is important to clarify that activates as soon as the game starts, so you don't need to play it or have it in hand. Besides, does not grant secret abilities cards like Squirrel Girl's Squirrels, or Debrii's rocks or Mysterio's clones. Cards upgraded by High Evolutionary are no longer boosted by Patriot.

Moment there are only 7 cards without effect among all of Marvel Snap. These cards make up for that with great power (except for Wasp) and if you have High Evolver in your deck, they evolve with the following effects:

Cards without Marvel Snap effects
Cards without Marvel Snap effects
  • Evolved Wasp (0-1) – When Revealed: Decreases by one unit, the power of 2 randomly selected enemy cards in this location.
  • Evolved Misty Knight (1-2) – At the end of your turn with unspent energy, give another of your cards a power increase of 1 unit.
  • Evolved Cyclops (3-4): At the end of your turn with unspent energy, reduce the power of 2 randomly selected enemy cards at this location by 1 unit.
  • Evolved Shocker (2-3) – When Revealed: Reduce the cost of your left card in your hand by 1 unit.
  • The Thing Evolved (4-6) – Upon Reveal: Decreases the power of 1 randomly selected enemy card here by 1 unit. Repeat this effect twice.
  • Abomination Evolved (5-9) – Costs 1 unit less for each enemy card in play with reduced power.
  • Hulk Evolved (6-12) – Continuous: Increase your power by 2 units for each turn you finish without spending energy.

3 decks to play with the High Evolutionary in Marvel Snap

It is not easy to define a single strategy for the High Evolutionary, since you depend on the non-effect card you want to use. The truth is that they all have synergy, since they are sustained in the archetypes of Save energy y reduce power. In either case, it's time to dust off your non-effect cards and start playing them.

Energy saving

Marvel Snap 1 High Evolutionary Deck

This is the most stable basic deck you can put together with the High Evolutionary. His power lies in power up your cards each turn. The faster you release Sunspot, the faster you can take advantage of the energy buildup in subsequent turns, powering up cards like Hulk and reducing the cost of She Hulk. The most interesting? You don't need to play High Evolutionary at all.


Marvel Snap 2 High Evolutionary Deck

Another interesting deck type, which requires a bit more strategy. letters like Wasp and Lizard, must be protected as surprise elements in later turns. The play weighs on Zabu, Shocker and Nebula. With Sera, you can summon more cards and counter cards like Knull or Devil Dinosaur last turn.

When Revealed

Marvel Snap 3 High Evolutionary Deck

We close with a deck that might leave you an opening to play High Evolutionary. Again, you need to take out Sunspot early turns and quickly play Zabu. That will allow you to bring out Wong and The Thing without affecting Sunspot's score as much, allowing you to bring in Abomination. In addition, you can take advantage of Lockjaw to quickly summon the big cards, returning cards like Wasp or the High Evolutionary.

This is everything you need to know about the High Evolutionary in Marvel Snap. We hope the decks are useful to start boosting your strategy, but you can always customize and enhance them with your favorite cards. If you have a deck that you want to recommend or if there are any questions, leave us your comment.

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